Ticketmaster or Seatgeek? Here’s Where to Book Your Tickets

Ticketmaster and Seatgeek are among the two best websites that sell tickets in the United States. But when it comes to purchasing tickets for your favorite show, is Ticketmaster the best option?

What about the website SeatGeek?

You want to have an unforgettable time at a concert, and getting a ticket is the first step in doing so. Which ticketing platform—Ticketmaster or Seatgeek—should you choose, then? Find below further information on two of the most well-known websites.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Ticketmaster is a trendy online marketplace that offers a  simple way to get tickets for the most recent concerts, sporting events, and movie premieres. In point of fact, it is a ticket seller for events taking place at venues in the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is, hands down, quite big! On the other hand, SeatGeek is relatively easy to use, which makes the process of purchasing tickets very simple. Their customer care team is available via email around the clock if you have any issues regarding the purchase of tickets or anything else. Such things are the best features a booking website can offer, right?!

Still, as great as that might sound, there are a few drawbacks when booking tickets via Ticketmaster or Seatgeek.

The Good and the Bad: Seatgeek


  • When purchasing tickets via the SeatGeek mobile app, customers get access to greater deals.
  • Offers tickets at prices that are more affordable than Ticketmaster.
  • Seatgeek, in contrast to Ticketmaster, allows you to transfer your tickets to another individual.
  • Seatgeek is widely recognized as having one of the most attentive and helpful customer service departments in the online ticket marketplace.


  • SeatGeek’s platform does not incorporate a specialized map into its user experience.
  • You are only restricted to using specific features when purchasing tickets using the SeatGeek mobile app.
  • It will not be possible for you to look for tickets at the specific location where the performance will take place.

The Good and the Bad: TicketMaster


  • One of the first and most reliable online sites for purchasing tickets.
  • TicketMaster allows customers to purchase tickets for any kind of event, including concerts and sporting events, among many others.
  • Ticketmaster provides a wide variety of events to choose from, as well as a variety of seating arrangements.
  • It offers a comprehensive selection of tickets that can be bought through its online platform.


  • You are unable to import tickets into Ticketmaster that were purchased from another retailer.
  • When it comes to making online reservations for tickets, their user interface could be more user-friendly and easy to navigate through.

The Key Points

If you want to watch a major concert, Ticketmaster could be your best option. However, here’s the catch. SeatGeek provides superior customer service, is simpler and more intuitive to use, and offers a more satisfying experience overall. That’s very remarkable, don’t you think?

In addition to this, Seatgeek is terrific since it makes it possible for users to purchase tickets directly from the accounts of other customers. So, what’s your next concert?

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