Best Websites to Use Audiobooks for FREE

We have to admit, regardless of how difficult it may be, that it becomes harder and harder nowadays to sit on a sofa and read a physical book. That’s because the online realm is so full of temptations, but why not try to have the best of both worlds?

In other words, listening to audiobooks might represent the best choice for many of us who have trouble concentrating on a physical book or even an ebook. Getting a person to read a book for you, especially if they do it with intonation and dedication, can be very comforting and relaxing. Therefore, it’s time to learn about some of the best websites out there on the web that host lots and lots of audiobooks, so feel free to grab a piece of paper and a pen and start taking notes:

Internet Archive:

If you’ve never heard about the Internet Archive so far, you need to know that it represents a non-profit digital library that offers access to millions of books, music, movies, and more. Audiobooks are also included in the offer, of course, and you can find numerous titles, from public domain classics to contemporary titles. All of them are available for free streaming or even download. The platform has to offer a vast catalog and easy-to-use interface, and numerous audiobook lovers prefer to look for their favorite titles on the Internet Archive.

Open Culture

Open Culture represents a comprehensive resource when it comes to free cultural and educational media, and as you’ve already guessed, audiobooks are also included in the offer. The platform will curate links to audiobooks that are available on other platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, and various university websites.

Loyal Books:

On Loyal Books, you can find thousands of audiobooks in multiple languages. You can even listen to them at no cost. This platform was formerly known as Books Should Be Free, and it features a very intuitive and friendly interface. Therefore, users will easily be able to browse and discover new titles on Loyal Books. You can choose to read books from genres such as fiction, non-fiction, or even children’s books for your kids if you wish.

Project Gutenberg:

There’s a generous collection of audiobooks that Project Gutenberg has to offer, and we’re talking about a platform that has an extensive collection of titles. Many of those audiobooks are derived from the same public domain texts that are available on the website. You can even download the audio files that you’re interested in.


Librivox is a true treasure trove for those who are into audiobooks, as the platform offers a vast collection of public-domain audiobooks that were narrated by volunteers from around the world. In other words, if you enjoy reading physical books, it’s a great idea to record yourself while doing it and upload the file to Librivox so that other people will have a more pleasurable experience while listening to their favorite audiobook. The platform gives the chance to just about anyone to make something useful and share their work with the world.

The world of audiobooks is indeed huge, and you can never know for sure when a brand new book comes out to change the world! Feel free to explore the websites mentioned in this article and bring your own opinions in the comment section below!

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