Splatoon 3 Ver. 6.0.0 Update Arrives in Late November With New Exciting Content

Who said that Nintendo doesn’t know how to create games that will catch the interest of many anymore? The famous gaming giant released Splatoon 3 back in late 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch console. The game qualifies as a third-person shooter that also embraces a cartoonish design.

It’s also nice to see that Splatoon 3 already gets updates and pretty bulky ones. Version 6.0.0 just went out a few days ago, and Nintendo was kind enough to tell us all about the patch notes on its official website.

What’s new in Splatoon 3’s Ver. 6.0.0 update

The new update brings lots of new content, such as new weapons, a new battle stage, and more. Let’s check out some of the new stuff, as Nintendo reveals:

Season and Catalog Changes

Data relating to Chill Season 2023 was added. It includes the following:

9 new sets of main weapons paired with different sub and special weapons.
A new King Salmonid, Megalodontia.
1 new battle stage (Robo ROM-en), as well as a returning battle stage (Bluefin Depot).
A new catalog, including new gear, decorations, stickers, titles, banners, and emotes.
11 new Tableturf Battle cards.
Players will be able to obtain 1 Sheldon License at the end of each season.
2 new special weapons.

Multiplayer Changes

New special weapons are available.
Weapons equipped with special weapons will be available at Ammo Knights at the start of Chill Season 2023.
Added 2 songs that will be heard during battles.

Changes to X Battles

The matchmaking system has been through some changes, making it possible to form battles with extra weapon combinations. This change will be applied immediately after the update to Ver. 6.0.0.
Players with X Power of less than 2000.0 and those with X Power of 2000.0 or higher will not be matched together anymore. This change will be applied immediately after the update to Ver. 6.0.0.
Increased the minimum range that X Power can change after the end of battles. Additionally, the change in a X Power of a player will be based on both what their X Power was before the confrontations and their win/loss ratio during them.
This change will be applied to battles after Chill Season 2023 starts. It will not apply to confrontations during Drizzle Season 2023.

Changes to Anarchy Battles

At the end of a series in Anarchy Battle (Series), the total number of five-win streaks of the player will be displayed as “5 Wins in a Row” alongside a count.
A player’s five-win streak will increase each and every time they finish a series with five wins in a row.
The number will reset to 0 when players reset their rank, attempt a Rank-Up Battle, finish a series with three losses, or when the season changes.
On the screen where players from both teams emerge at the start of an Anarchy Battle (Series) battle, a symbol indicating the number of five-win streaks that a player has achieved will be shown.
Added badges that players can unlock based on the total number of five-win streaks that exist in Anarchy Battle (Series).

The full list of patch notes for Splatoon 3’s new 6.0.0 update is much larger, and you are free to head over to Nintendo’s official website to study it in all its glory.

Splatoon 3 even received The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game.

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