Magisk Updated Version Download and Install Guide

Installing Magisk on your Android device is not difficult at all. You need to get everything in place, and then follow the steps bellow. Before we start you should know that you must have a device that is running Android 5.0+, and you should have Custom Recovery as well.

  1. Downloading Magisk

If you already have a custom recovery, you will need to download the Magisk zip file. Check the official XDA thread in order to find it. You can download it directly on your phone or tablet, or transfer it there afterwards.

  1. Flash

Now you need to go into recovery mode and flash the zip. First of all, boot into custom recovery and then tap the Install button. Find the zip file and select it and then swipe the slider in order to install Magisk. Finally tap Reboot System.

  1. Magisk

    Manager App

You will need Magisk Manager in order to install modules. Find the APK for it and install it. This app will let you change root settings and install modules.

  1. Check everything

Now that you are done you want to make sure that everything is working the way it should be. Open the Manger app and make sure that everything has a green check mark. Now you need to check whether you pass the SafetyNet check. You can do that by selecting the “Tap to star SafetyNet Check” button. Two green checkmarks should show up under the button if your device passes the test.

What is Magisk?

Google’s SafetyNet system brought some limits for Android users. However, Magisk could be used to get root and custom mods, while continuing to use Google Pay and other similar services. It changes the boot partition without touching the system partition. It is also very simple to install.

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