HP Envy x2 or Google PixelBook – Best Features and Specs of 2018

We’ll take a look at both HP Envy x2 and Google PixelBook in order to compare their features and help you determine which one would be the best to buy, in case you had your eyes on one of them.

HP Envy x2

You need to know that if you decide to buy the HP Envy x2, then you will get excellent battery life, as well as great build quality and LTE connectivity. A downside would the fact that you will not have such a powerful CPU, so in case you need your device to perform some more important tasks, then this would definitely be a disadvantage. Also, it doesn’t come with too many apps and we could say that its price is a little bit too high for ARM. You can buy the HP Envy x2 for $702 at Amazon.

Google PixelBook

If you are searching for the best Chrome OS experience, then Google’s flagship Chromebook is the perfect choice for you. This device also has great battery life and high build quality. In addition, it comes with more powerful internals. However, a drawback would be that the Android apps are somewhat buggy and the price is a little bit too high for what you get. PixelBook can be purchased for $830 at Amazon.

HP Envy x2 or Google PixelBook?

No matter what their differences are, both portable devices are very good choices. Keep in mind that the HP Envy x2 gives you access to Windows 10 S, while with the PixelBook you will get to use Chrome OS. Therefore, the main distinctions between the two devices are their operating systems and internals. If you’re a fan of Windows, then go for the HP Envy x2, and if you want to try something new, then Google PixelBook would be a better choice.

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