Online Games Broadcasting can be an Amazing Experience for Passionate Players

Technology is evolving fast nowadays and people expect to enjoy all of its wonders in the most un-expected ways. This means that every area can be improved, but nowadays we appreciate the possibility to share information and communicate with the others.

The social feature can be reflected in many online activities, but modern gamers love it when they stream their activity online. This is more than just playing a game with buddies from all over the world.

Online broadcasting lets you share the games you are playing with hundreds of individuals who share the same passion. Besides, you can broadcast live or record the games for sharing them later.

Broadcasting your games is fun and develops your virtual community

Like every online current, the idea of broadcasting games is rapidly gaining field among those who like multi-player campaigns. If you are wondering why people do this, we will tell you that they consider it a fun, interactive activity.

Nowadays, you can broadcast your games in different ways. It’s easy; everybody can do it. Of course, you have to look for more information first, because if you do it right and choose the appropriate method, you will gain many new friends willing to share their games and have fun together.

Twitch is a good Live broadcasting method

Twitch is one of the most complex Live broadcasting methods. It allows you to share your game in real time, share it on your blog, website or social networks and interact with your viewers via a built-in chat room.

Steam is other software which can do that, but it has a major disadvantage: you have to have at least one viewer if you want it to start. Also, it works only on PCs, so next we will focus on Twitch and present a few broadcasting methods which are connected to it. Before you start, you need to set up your own Twitch account, so go to their official website and do that right now.

Several software which will help you stream directly from your PC

PC streaming requires special broadcasting software. XSplit is one of the most user-friendly and easy to use, but its best features come only for a monthly subscription. It’s good for streaming your regular games, but there are more advanced options.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is dedicated to those who are looking for a more professional tool. Unlike XSplit, OBS is completely free, but requires a Twitch account. The user will have to register on Twitch, log in and a so-called ”stream-key”. Without it, OBS won’t work.

An Xbox One requires different streaming methods

First of all, we should mention that broadcasting features are integrated into the Xbox One’s operating system. In this case, you don’t need to install a separate app, but a Twitch account is necessary.

PlayStation 4 streaming can be done easily

Like Xbox One, the PS4 can easily broadcast directly to Twitch. The process can be made by pressing the Share button from the new PlayStation controller while playing the game. You don’t need to perform additional downloads if you are using this gaming platform.

Games can also be recorded and shown off later

Most of us want to keep records of our special moments and re-watch them whenever we feel like it. The situation is similar with games. Many live broadcasters like to see how they did during their Live performance, so they record their moments online.

Twitch is an amazing help in this situation as well. With its support, you can record videos, keep them in your archive for 14 days and export them to YouTube after a while. Also, thanks to OBS, you can record games on your PC.

Last, but not least, we have to mention that practice makes perfect. In case you want to start broadcasting your games online, you’ll have to look for more information on each method and start practicing.

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