Red Dead Redemption PS4 Pro Comes with Improved Hardware

A new version of the PS4 Pro will be included in the Red Dead Redemption. This will be the hardware improvement after the 500 million anniversary edition and the newest bundle after Spider Man.

The version included with Red Dead Redemption 2 will certainly be an iterative upgrade. In the previous case, it meant that the console was a bit less noisy due to upgraded fans. More details about the exact check changes will be available after the bundle launches on the 26th of October.

The PS4 Slim has also received a minor upgrade before so this is the most likely variant, since a hefty upgrade could generate negative reactions from people that brought the previous models.

If you own a 50O GB model and want to play Red Dead Redemption 2, you should do a bit of spring cleaning and make some free space as it was recently released that the upcoming Rockstar title will need more than 100GB to install, 105 to be precise. This would mean that you need 210 GB of free space in order to install the title, a number that will certainly raise some eyebrows in the gaming community.

Rockstar has also promised that the player will be able to interact with all the NPCs in the game, a feat that should explain the increased size since the game is an open-world that encourages exploration.

When it comes to more consistent updates, the PS5 remains mysterious, since Sony Interactive CEO John Kodera has previously declared this year that the PlayStation5 will not arrive until 2021. A research conducted by a trusted source directly disagrees. The source argues that the Japanese company is running a covert operation in order to make a surprise release in time for the 2019 Christmas period, one year before the planned release of the next Xbox console.

Be sure to have a fast internet connection if you pick up RDR2 since a massive download will be required for the game to fully install.

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