Oculus VR Unveils its New VR Headset – Oculus Quest

A new standalone untethered VR headset has been uncovered by Oculus VR earlier this week. This revolutionary device was based on 6DoF, a 6-degree-of-freedom positional system, and its optics are exactly the same as those used in Oculus Go, which debuted earlier in 2018. The newly announced Oculus Quest will become available next spring for the initial price of $399 and it is described as an improved and more powerful version of Oculus Go.

Key features of Oculus Quest

What makes this device stand out is the already mentioned inside-out 6DoF positional and controller tracking, which does not require any PC or external sensors. According to the creators of Oculus Quest, its tracking uses computer vision algorithms and four ultra-wide-angle sensors. As for its display system, the developer says that the new unit is equipped with the same optics as Oculus Go, however, the display has a 3200×1440 resolution, which means 1600×1440 per eye. Oculus VR also shows some improvements when it comes to the built-in audio capabilities of the headset. Furthermore, compared to the simplistic controller of the untethered Oculus Go headset, Oculus Quest will have its own Touch controllers, which will behave the same as Oculus Rift’s controllers.

What else you need to know

As it was confirmed recently, it seems that Oculus VR is going to use Snapdragon 835 as a SoC for Quest. Also, the manufacturer promised that more than 50 games will be available at the launch of Oculus Quest in order to take advantage of it. Few of these titles are some that were initially developed for Rift, like The Climb, Moss and Robo Recall. As you can probably expect, the Touch controllers, together with a more advanced SoC will add to the final price. Therefore, the Oculus Quest 64GB model will have a price of $399.

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