Red Dead Redemption 2 Preview with New Modern World Fights

This one we have been waiting for quite a long time. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a highly expected game which comes as a follow up to the first Read Dead which came out way back in 2010. Those that loved that game have been looking forward to going back to the last years of the old west. Some people had the good fortune of sitting down in Rockstar’s HQ in Sydney where they could play a demonstration of the upcoming game.

The action is placed 15 years later than the previous game, in 1899. Slowly but steadily, the wilderness is tamed by the modern world while gunslingers and outlaws are threatened with becoming obsolete. In the game you become one of Dutch van der Linde’s gang as you join them hiding in the mountains where the boys lick their wounds after they botched a robbery back in Blackwater.

Soon, you become one of them and you start going on adventures and just like that, an hour and a half goes by. A game of this scale will suck you in without you resisting one bit. The people that managed to play this demo feel that it may have been too short but you have to consider the previous form.

Overall, the gamers felt like that glimpse of the game was fairly representative of what the game might end up looking like. The most impressive feat, besides the amazing visuals, is the attention that the designer team paid to details. From muddy tyre ruts to the seemingly independent nature of the NPCs, everything is meant to give you a vivid experience of what the life was back then. The overall feedback is that the game will be impressive so you have to stay tuned and wait for its release.

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