Porsche 911 Speedster is Ready for Production – Built According to an Amazing Concept

Nowadays, technology is so evolved that people can develop stunning concepts for almost everything. When an idea is too creative and out of the box, it shouldn’t be wasted, because it can lead to the creation of outstanding products.

The situation is similar with the newest concept developed by Porsche, the 911 Speedster. This top notch 4-wheels jewelry will be produced in limited edition and comes as a birthday present for the company’s anniversary. Even if they are Germans, with this car, Porsche defied all limits. Now, they are able to present one of their best creations, a car with two seats and mind-blowing features.

The car comes with eye-catching finishes and luxurious compounds which make a big difference

One of 911 Speedster’s unique features is that it has modern side shaped mirrors which we cannot see in any other car today. In addition, these mirrors are finished with black chrome and platinum. Imagine that!

Besides, people who like to be surrounded by luxury will love the other features: 21-inch wheels inspired by racing cars, tinted daytime running lights painted in red and rear hood made of carbon fibre and double-bubble bulges. If you are wondering how the interior looks like, we will mention that the cabin is covered with black leather and partly perforated with red highlights.

You love speed and adrenaline? This car is perfect for you!

The 911 Speedster is inspired by the Carrera 4 Cabriolet, but the window frames are lower than the design that led to its creation. The top is not convertible; it only has a lightweight cover that can be auctioned by Tenax buttons. Everybody knows that Porsche is a powerful car, but it looks like this one will have 500 horsepower and the engine will spin at 9,000 rpm. If you add the six-speed manual transmission, you will see that this ”baby” is the perfect toy for those who love strong sensations behind the wheel.

If you want to have this amazing car in your garage, you have to wait until next year for acquiring it. However, don’t wait until the last minute, because Porsche will produce only 1,948 cars under the 911 Speedster series. An estimative price is not official yet, but we do know that buyers will have the possibility to personalize their cars.

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