New Google’s Chrome OS Tablet Leaked – Pixel Slate Gets A Changed Design

On 9th of October Google will be the host of a Pixel 3 event. Unfortunately, as the date is approaching, many news about its products are being leaked. This is not an advantage for Google as everything should remain unknown until the event. Images of Google’s first Chrome OS tablet were posted by MySmartPrice, and the publication suggests that the new device will be called Pixel Slate. More information was provided this time, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Acer’s Chromebook Tab 10 has a new interface that might also be featured by the Pixel Slate tablet from Google. The image leaked also gives us an idea of how detachable keyboards work. The Pixel Slate can be turned into a laptop thanks to the pogo pin connector on one side. The keyboard will be manufactured by Google.

This is not the only information the leak provides us with. From the image, we can see that the device will be quite thin and that it will have a fingerprint reader at the top. Besides that, we can also see that a USB-C port will be included. The color in which the Pixel Slate will be available is dark blue, a color similar to the one the Pixelbook Pen will have.

We are still not sure about how much the Google’s Chrome OS tablet will cost or what processor will it have. The ship date is also unknown, unfortunately. What we know though is that this tablet might not be as good a gadget as Pixelbook is.

At least Google’s Chrome OS tablet will be useful for some people, and there are never too many nice tablets on the market. Many people will surely find this tablet suitable for them.

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