New Fallout 76 Details Released by Bethesda

Bethesda has been flooding social media with constant updates regarding its upcoming multiplayer title Fallout 76.

The game will bring new additions to the formula, like randomized loot generation, improved trading and even sleeping bonuses (which gives you a new reason to take a virtual nap now and then.)

A host of new information has been released on Twitter, where fans can also ask questions about the game. One fan wanted to know how loot refreshing works in the game. If you looted a house and logged off/on, would the loot immediately respawn? The answer was a clear no. While loot does respawn a reasonable time period needs to pass before it happens.

Another sensitive topic is your personal camp. When you go offline, your camp also disappears and the land on which it was placed becomes free real estate. A player that comes by may place his base where yours was and you will have to move your own base somewhere else. As the map will be quite large, things like that should not open that often.

It was also confirmed that if you die during a quest, you will have to start it again after you respawn, and you will have to pick it again from the NPC. The game will also auto-save your progress.

Fallout 76 has sparked aggressive debates among players, as many have already criticized the decision to make the game multiplayer, as they fear that toxic attitudes will ruin the experience for new and old fans alike. Bethesda has assured the fan base that such issues will be minimal, as it aims to prevent toxicity in the first place. If a player kills other players that do not agree to duel, they will be flagged as a bounty on the map for all the players online.

It remains to be seen if the game will be more popular than Fallout 4 when it releases.

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