Sims: Things We Didn’t Probably Know About the Game

It’s been 20 years since we first got to play Sims. You play God with a character – it was good enough to make it a success. Many people spent a lot of time creating families and building houses, but there are many mistakes that people do. Here are them:

Problems with the roof

It happened to us in The Sims 4, since the auto-roofing tool didn’t come with this game, too, as it did with the previous one, so we had to do it all by ourselves. But there are some tips and tricks on how to do the roof. We still got it wrong, though.

Living like a vampire

The Sims 4: Vampires gave us that whole Victorian style when it comes to the build and buys mode items. We also got vampires. It was fun, but it was a nightmare, since they had to kill another sim to get their blood. You don’t have to kill random Sims; you can create one and make it your vampire’s friend. But where’s the fun in that?

Resizing objects

You can resize objects, and not many players know that. If you press Ctrl + Shift + C and type “bb.moveobjects on”, you’ll be allowed to resize the objects around the house, and not only. When you’re moving a piece of furniture, press the Shift button and your square brackets to toggle the size. The left bracket is for making objects smaller, and the right one is for making objects bigger.

Willow Creek comes with a secret

The Sims 4 game is also about discovering stuff and exploring, not only about building a house and creating a family. Your Sim needs to have some skills for it to discover the in-game worlds.

If you go to the lot Crick Cabana, you’ll see a huge tree. If you water it, then talk to it enough, the Explore” option will appear on the screen. And then, you’ll see yourself in Sylvan Glade if you select it.

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