Intel Unleashes New i9 Processors – RGP and Transparent Cases

For many years when most people thought about a gaming PC, they imagined a big, grey, noisy box. With the advent of RGB and transparent cases the situation has changed for the better. Some manufacturers tried to offer more variety but even then, most of them had a generic look. Recently some have started to offer an improved design, like the Microsoft Surface Studio, and the general perception has started to change. The latest Intel processors are offering an impressive power boost, with should increase the speed of the new trends.

The new line of processors doesn’t bring a mind-bending 36-core processor just yet, put they do add consistent improvements.

In an age of distraction, the PC remains a center of focus that helps you get the job done. According to Intel managers this focus comes in three flavors: gaming, creativity, and corporate-level hardware.  The first two are the key forces that drive the recent PC culture revival, as performance is a primary criterion for these activities.

The most awe-inspiring offering is the i9-9900K, the first mass production processor that offers a 5Ggz speed while also sporting 8 cores and 16 execution threads for a reasonable $500. Raw numbers state that the net power gain ranges around 10% when compared to last year’s offerings and around 36% when we look at a three-years-old system.

While numbers are always impressive, there many things to take into account when a gaming rig is built. In the age of Fortnite fame, multitasking is of utmost importance, as streamers require several programs to run alongside their game in order to be able to capture and edit their content properly.

The maxed-up X series has also received an upgrade, offering at the highest level a beast with 18 cores and 36 threads, more than enough for even the most demanding workstation.

As powerful tech becomes more accessible, PC gaming is gaining traction, showing that it still has a purpose even in the age of the touchscreen devices.

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