Samsung Galaxy S9 Gets Android Pie will Scene Optimizer

Android Pie will come along soon, together with Samsung Experience 10. After it already released some alpha builds for the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy S9/S9+ duo as well, Samsung plans to launch multiple updates to Samsung Experience 10, which is the company’s skinned version of Android Pie. By doing so, they will add more features as well.

The latest available update for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ had Samsung bringing the scene optimizer mode from Note 9 to the aforementioned device. The Geek 19 from the SamCentral Discord managed to provide the internet with a screenshot which shows how all this pans out.

Basically, the scene optimizer mode involves an AI camera. When you use it, it will be able of recognizing the background around you and it will alter the colors and white balance of the photo so that the end result will be more appealing. As of right now, there are approximately 20 various scenes which it can recognize. They vary from a waterfall at night to a simple portrait shot.

Although it represents a stunning progress in terms of photography, you should know that the scene optimizer can sometimes exaggerate some colors, making it unsuitable at a time for some users. The scene optimizer isn’t the only feature from the Galaxy Note 9 that Samsung chose to bring back.

A previous Samsung Experience 10 build for the S9 showed us that the South Korean company brought Flaw Detection to older models. This will again use AI to scan photos just taken by you and search to see if there are blurs or if somebody in the picture blinked and once this is done, it will let you know.

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