Pokemon Go Gen 4 Sinnoh Region Starters Confirmed Along With More Content

The Pokedex is just about to get some additions as The Pokemon Company and Niantic revealed that characters from the Sinnoh region, including Gen 4’s starters, will arrive in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Sinnoh Region Starters Confirmed Along With More Content

All that was unveiled via a trailer which displays a Turtwig in the grass, a Chimchar waking up in a cave, and Piplup that’s swimming beneath a thin layer of ice.

“A vast new world is waking up around us. With more to explore than we could have ever imagined,” says the trailer. Also, the teaser ends with a Pokemon with a pair of red eyes, which remained in the shadows, unrevealed. However, it looks pretty much like Giratina, a Legendary Pokemon from the Sinnoh region.

However, it’s not a novelty that Pokemon Go gets lots of new content, not to mention the frequency the gamers can enjoy a new special event or some Raid action. Now, as Halloween is getting closer, Pokemon Company and Niantic commenced the Psychic Spectacular event, and they encourage every Pokemon Go player to collect on Pokemon that tear through ghosts.

Pokemon Go Gamers Will Have Two Big Events Soon

First, there would be the before-mentioned Psychic Spectacular event which runs on October 14, until 1 PM PT (4 PM ET), and will allow players to capture Pokemon such as Abra, Ralts, Baltoy, and Slowpoke more frequently. Also, Pokemon Go Field Research tasks will be available during the event, and if you complete them, you’ll get closer to Suicune.

Also, on October 21st, a new Pokemon Community Day would come to Pokemon Go. During this event, Steel/Psychic Pokemon Beldum will become available, but Niantic hasn’t confirmed what special attack it would possess. However, according to data-miners, it might be the Meteor-Mask move.

In conclusion, Pokemon Go gamers will have a full month with new events and content additions.

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