MiXplorer 6.29.8 Update Available with New Skins and Changes

MiXplorer is a smooth, fast, reliable and handsome file manager that comes with a lot of helpful features and you will also be surprised thanks to its intuitive and simple user interface. A great thing about this app is that it comes with no ads to pester you and it will always be a free to use program.

We know that the best way to find out about an app is to actually try it, and we recommend that you do so. However, allow us to give you some insight about MiXplorer 6.29.8. First of all, this app is easily customizable, coming with an option which will allow you to choose any color you like.

Then, it will allow you to enable, sort or disable all action buttons and menu options. You will benefit from unlimited tabbed browsing and it also supports dual panel while in landscape mode and drag and drop between said panels. By using its capacity of multitasking you will have no problems with tasks such as copying, moving or other such operations.

You can set different sorting options or various view modes for each separate folder. The bookmarks drawer is also able of being customized and you will find that you won’t have to spend time categorizing essential file types as they are already properly organized. Customized skins are also a neat thing, together with the fact that you can import or export bookmarks and preferences to and from where you would like to.

The people who would want to remain tuned into the latest in terms of software might really like this app. MiXplorer looks really good and it comes with a simple ‘hamburger’ menu and an easy to use toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

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