An Ongoing Rivalry Between PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Two Japanese companies, Sony and Nintendo are known rivals which fight for the number one spot in this generation of consoles. Usually, it’s Sony that comes out on top, but the situation when Nintendo’s Wii console beat PlayStation 3 shows that we should not underestimate Nintendo. As we know, the current cycle is dominated by PlayStation 4, but the release of Nintendo Switch and its ever-increasing sales seem to suggest that Sony might finally have a worthy competitor.

PlayStation 4 as the number one console of this generation

The main advantage that PlayStation 4 has is its graphical capability, while Nintendo can use its numerous games to promote the upcoming consoles. This could be a focal point in this battle, as we can see in the current generation. In order to secure the number one spot in the market for PS4, Sony have gathered many exclusive and first party games.

Xbox One is way behind PS4 and Switch

A good example depicting the importance of exclusive games is the situation of Xbox One, which is number three in the market, regardless of constant innovations in many different areas. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the company was completely dominated by Sony when it comes to securing the exclusive content.

Nintendo could rival Sony with its next-generation console

The reason as to why Nintendo has not fallen way behind Sony in this generation is the fact that it has a huge and loyal fanbase. Moreover, many innovations in the console system attracted new fans, making Nintendo 3DS a massive financial success. This is definitely good news for Nintendo, who might finally make a successful attempt to overtake Sony as the producer of the most popular gaming platform in the market. Of course, in order to find out if Nintendo has what it takes to beat Sony, we will have to wait a few years more.

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