‘Angry Birds’ Is Not Dead – A New ‘Angry Birds’ Series To Come Out In 2020

It’s been years since Angry Birds came to the mobile platforms and it quickly became one of the most downloaded mobile video games. In the game, the “angry birds” had to recover the eggs that the green pigs had stolen from them. To achieve that, with their flights, special powers, and tricks, they have to destroy the pigs and their buildings and release the eggs. That was the simplistic plot of the Angry Birds game that in 2012 became the most popular one in app stores.

A new Angry Birds series to be released in 2020

In 2013 the first series based on this title was released, with the name of “Angry Birds Toons.” The series contained chapters of barely 3 minutes in length, which were broadcasted around the world. Additionally, in 2016 they released the first film starring the funny birds, the “The Angry Birds Movie.” The second part of the movie is expected in 2019.

Now, according to Variety, a new project is underway to create a series with longer chapters targeted at children of between 6 and 12 years of age. The new Angry Birds series would be out in 2020.

Angry Birds is still a very profitable brand and business, overall

We don’t yet know how many chapters the future Angry Birds series would have or how long each one would last, but Rovio, the Finnish company that owns the game and the brand, has already chosen Cake to produce the series. The company will also be in charge of managing the Angry Birds YouTube channel and the distribution of the movies and children’s series “Angry Birds Toons,” “Angry Birds Blues,” and “Piggy Tales” internationally.

Since the first Angry Birds game came out in 2009, the brand has returned a significant revenue to its owners. Today, the Angry Birds game totals more than 4 billion downloads on Android and iOS.

According to Joe Lawson, Vice President of Content Licensing, this is an important milestone for the brand. “We are delighted to hear about the new and fun adventures of ‘Angry Birds’ in this long chapter series,” he said.

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