Apple’s iPad Mini 5 New Price and Specs Rumors

Tech enthusiasts are really looking forward to the next Apple innovation, the iPad Mini 5. It has been more than 3 years since the tech company based in Cupertino hasn’t released a new mini tablet. Did they discontinue and if they haven’t, what will it feature? Let’s answer these questions below.

The previous iPad Mini – model 4 – was released back in September 2015 and it came with a $399 USD price tag. Ming-Chi Kuo, the well-known analyst, stated that a reason why the Californian company chose not to launch a successor is that smartphones with large screens have come up – remember, the iPad Mini 4 featured a display of 7.9 inches.

Kuo made a note to investors in which he revealed that the low-priced 9.7-inch iPad showed a high demand in 2017. So far, there is nothing set in stone about Apple cutting the iPad Mini brand, the situation is still grim for this device. That’s what MacWorld found in a DigiTimes report from the 17th of August 2018 which indicated that the Cupertino tech company has no other plans for this miniseries, but the selling of iPad Minis would still continue.

What should the eventual iPad Mini 5 offer? If such a product should come, the first thing that its designers would have to do is address the price tag. After its launch, the Mini 4 had a $399 price tag for the 16 GB model. Nowadays the same price tag is applied for the 128 GB model. That is why the eventual follow-up mini tablet should come at a lower price. If not, people will either opt for the 9.7-inch iPad or choose to buy a smartphone with a larger screen.

If Apple sticks to the schedule, we expect the iPad Mini 5 to come sometime in September 2019, since the previous model came out in September as well.

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