Fortnite on iOS Scored Revenues of Over $300 Million in 200 Days

Fortnite on iOS is doing very well. The Epic Games Battle Royale title seems to have seduced many iPhone and iPad users who do not hesitate to pay a small amount of money to enjoy the options the game offers fully. Just 200 days after its release on the App Store, the game raised more than $300 million in revenue. Of course, this is already a great feat in itself, but, unfortunately, this is not a record as Pokemon Go reached $300 million in only 113 days.

Fortnite on iOS is scoring big profits with in-game microtransactions

You should keep in mind that Fortnite on iOS is offered free of charge on the App Store. You can download it freely and play it on your iPhone or iPad, also for free. However, if you want to customize your character, you will have to pay a specific amount of money to access the various options Fortnite offers. These purchases could make the game even more fun but are optional.

Apparently, many players of Fortnite on iOS seem to be fans of the in-game personalization options, taking into account the considerable profit the game generated on Apple handsets. According to recent data provided by Sensor Tower, the game would have allowed Epic Games to pocket $1.5 million per day at the time of the launch. An income that increased to $2.6 million per day after the end of Season 6.

However, Fortnite on iOS only returns 70% of the revenues to the game publisher. The rest of 30% must be paid to Apple. On the other hand, for the Android version, Epic Games cashes in all the revenues. But, according to Sensor Tower, the Fortnite for Android has only generated $60 million since its launch.

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