Top 5 Tech Startups Which Will Change the World

At the beginning, Apple had only $600,000 worth of funding. Now, you can see how this company managed to influence the lives of people, being truly a revolutionary one. Those days aren’t over and other startups could come along and change things all over again. The rise of the World Wide Web, blockchain technologies, machine learning and so on, it is better to say that those days are just now starting.

  1. Tanium is a cybersecurity startup and in the days when Facebook hacks affect over 50 million people at once and hacking techniques are evolving, Tanium claims that it is capable of evolving as well in order to keep up. Since most companies don’t want to concern themselves with security, Tanium consolidates their security platforms to make their job easier. That platform allows the tech company to focus on what it needs to and it stays updates as to not get surprised by attacks.
  2. Instabridge allows you to use Wi-Fi where you couldn’t before. Because data costs, most people prefer Wi-Fi. This startup works by providing people a way of finding Wi-Fi signal regardless of where they are. Members use their own Wi-Fi to sign up and open up to the world and they gain access to the other access points of the network.
  3. dynamically updates maps which can be better implemented by manufacturers in their self-driving cars. The future might have Honda use the same maps as Tesla and centralization like that can lead to more innovative tech.
  4. Revolut looks to fight the banks, and instead of just being a middleman between people and their own money, Revolut is just an app and a debit card. You can even exchange currencies, including crypto, without banking policies.
  5. comes to answer companies on their question regarding how much they can sell. By using AI and machine learning tech, can predict, with basic inputs, just how many sales can a company make. It enters a built-in market which will make companies perform better, since it answers a fundamental question.

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