Apple’s New Software Update – the iOS 12.0.1 – Should be Skipped, Apparently

There is a lot to be said about the iOS 12, Apple’s latest software release, and the main thing would be that the company definitely doesn’t have a great run. Ever since it came out, there have been numerous complaints regarding Wi-Fi problems or weird charging issues regarding the new iPhone XS.

Apple placed its hopes into its iOS 12.0.1 updated, thinking that it will be sufficient to stop these issues. Indeed, the update takes care of the charging problems but it apparently led to some newer issues for iPhone consumers. A number of them complained about having problems with calling someone, with the signal and network connections and an even more severe issue regarding battery drainage.

There’s one particular complaint which came from a Twitter user who told everyone about how his phone went from 94% battery to 88% in merely 20 minutes after he just made a voice call. Other users sent complaints regarding FaceTime or picture sending. It seems that Apple managed to get a hold of the issues regarding iMessage which was apparently sending messages to a lot of people, and the wrong ones to top it off.

A Forbes report recently stated that “Apple has been telling users that iMessage accidentally sending messages to wrong people is actually a feature for iOS 12 and that it is happening because Apple is now organizing all contacts by Apple ID, so if family members or friends share an ID now all these messages are shared simultaneously with everyone who has that ID”.

This makes it pretty clear that, unless you have a real problem with how your iPhone is charging, you should stay clear of this new update, at least for now, and wait for yet another fix to arrive.

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