Fortnite Cheat Codes YouTubers Sued By Epic Games

Epic Games, creator of the renowned Fortnite title, sued some YouTube channels for using and selling cheat codes that would give an edge to the players who would apply them.

Accordingly, Epic Games has filed complaints against two YouTubers, namely, Brandon Lucas, known as Golden Modz, and his accomplice Colton Conter, the so-called Excentric, for having used and sold cheat Fortnite cheat codes.

Lucas, with more than 1.7 million subscribers, is charged with copyright infringement, breach of contract and tortious interference. As reported, the defendants infringed Epic’s copyright by injecting unauthorized cheating software into Epic’s protected Fortnite video game code. Conter, in addition to all that, participated in the Fortnite live sessions.

Epic asked YouTube to delete some of the videos containing Fortnite cheating codes. In the meantime, Lucas pled not guilty, claiming that he did not consider his conduct to be such harmful since other YouTube video are presenting the same.

Epic Games files a complaint against two YouTubers for selling Fortnite cheat codes

If the studio wins, the bill could be exorbitant for Lucas and Conter. Epic’s lawyers do not only want the restitution of all profits made by the two YouTubers from selling Fortnite cheat codes, but also punitive damages and the reimbursement of lawyers’ fees, plus the entire costs related to this legal action.

By using the tips provided by the two YouTubers, the Fortnite gamers who applied them actually injected a new code into the game, and that’s modifying the original, which is a flagrant violation of copyright, according to Epic Games.

As it has been revealed, both YouTubers offered GTA Online and Fortnite cheat code either for free or for money on their site. They promoted their “trainers” as able to kill dozens of other players.

However, this is not the first time Epic Games has filed a complaint against Fortnite players. At the end of 2017, the studio decided to take legal action against a 14-year-old player, also regarding copyright infringement.

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