Candy Crush Saga Download Available with New Levels and Features

Candy Crush Sage is a game enjoyed by millions of players from all across the globe, meaning that you should join into the fun as soon as possible. All these millions of people managed to play over a trillion levels and all because of this puzzle game’s sweetness and relaxing nature which managed to make it into one of the most popular titles ever in the mobile gaming industry.

This incredible puzzle adventure will have you switch and match various Candies in order to move on to the next level, in hope of achieving the ultimate sweet feeling. Smart moves and quick thinking will become your habits as you will be rewarded with cascades colored like rainbows and candy combos which you will almost taste.

By matching 3 or more candies in a row will become increasingly difficult, so you will have to plan your moves ahead and use boosters wisely in order to move past stickier levels. Collect ingredients and smash chocolates as you run across thousands of levels which are guaranteed to have you craving for more.

Let’s move on to what this game actually features. First and foremost, you will encounter many tasty ways of playing. You have Clear the Jelly, Order Mode, Target Score or Collect the Ingredients to name just a few of them. Then, if you check in daily you will benefit from free tasty rewards or you can participate in time limited challenges which will grant you boosters usable for when you want to level up.

A delicious prize can be won daily as you will spin the Daily Booster Wheel. Progressing across the Sugar Track will have you collecting sugar drops which will give you some pleasant surprises. All this and more can only be accessible through Candy Crush Saga so make sure you download it as soon as possible.

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