Destiny 2 Might Come Back To “The Taken King” Dreadnaught

Destiny 2 might pave the way for the returning to a very familiar location, the Oryx’s Dreadnaught, a place which has not been a part of the game since The Taken King expansion from the first Destiny title.

About Destiny 2

Destiny 2, developed by Bungie and distributed by Activision for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, is the sequel to the first-person shooter action title, Destiny.

The last safe city of humankind has gave up against an overwhelming invading force led by Ghaul, the new commander of the brutal Red Legion Ghaul has taken the power of the town’s guardians and send all the survivors to go away.

In Destiny 2, the gamers will venture into the mysterious and unknown worlds of the Solar System to uncover an arsenal of weapons and unbelievable new fighting skills that would help the players defeat the Red Legion and, finally, eliminate Ghaul.

To achieve that, you must cooperate with other surviving heroes of the remnants of the humanity and battle neck to neck to regain your home.

Destiny 2 Might Come Back To “The Taken King” Dreadnaught

According to a GameSpot report which noticed that on the Destiny subreddit, the new Dreadnaught would not a mixed-up element or a wild mistake, given the fact that the vessel has a new appearance. However, that’s indicating that the Destiny 2 gamers might return to “The Taken King” Dreadnaught of Oryx.

But, it could be part of the Year 2 annual pass which suggested that the action might come back to Dreadnaught.

Please, do not continue reading if you did not play the game and you don’t want me to spoil its ending

The globe of bright light that flows within the galaxy right after the end scene of the Destiny 2 game enlightened locations that appeared in the upcoming DLC packages. Accordingly, we had Mercury, then Mars, then the Reef, all of which were presented in Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and Forsaken, respectively, as GameSpot reported.

Logically, The Taken King Oryx’s Dreadnaught is next. However, we have no clue on how it will make its comeback, but we know for sure that we will learn more as the Black Armory launches in December.

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