Google Play Services 14.5.66 Beta Updates Google Play Apps

Google Play services is what Google uses to update its apps or certain apps featured on Google Play. It is an intricate component which can provide core functionality such as authentication to your own personal Google services, synchronizing your contacts, giving access to the latest user privacy settings and location-based services of high quality and lower power requirements.

What is its purpose?

By using Google Play services 14.5.66 beta a developer can take advantage for his or her app, represented by features powered by Google. We are talking about using Google+, Google Maps and so on. Also, automatic updates are distributed as APKs through the Google Play store.

By doing this, your users will get updates faster, and you will benefit from a more natural way to integrate the newest things provided by Google. When you wish to gain access to the latest products or features, you have to upgrade to a more original version of the Google Play services client library.


The APK for the Google Play services runs as a background service in the Android OS, and it contains the individual Google services. The app experience is enhanced through Google Play services since it speeds up searches done offline, it improves gaming experiences, and it offers more immersive apps.

By using Google Play services, you will be able to use the latest APIs for the popular Google services without having to worry about device support. You will find that the updates for Google Play services are distributed automatically through the Google Play store, and the new client library versions are delivered via the Android SDK Manager.

All in all, Google Play services 14.5.66 is meant to be used by those developers who would like to put the focus on their users’ experience.

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