LINE Lite: Free Calls & Messages 2.4.0 comes with support for video calls

When it comes to communication, you can safely say that you cannot go one single day without having to use it to get in touch with someone, family, friends or co-workers. So, what makes a communication app attractive nowadays? That’s right, getting to use it for free.

Freebies are best

LINE Lite 2.4.0 allows you to message entirely for free and that is not all. LINE comes with some essential features which are all wrapped up in a lighter package which means that you will absolutely enjoy experiencing it.

Any friends you know that use LINE or the Lite version will be able to get a hold of you via sending messages which you can then respond to and, if you feel so inclined, you can even share photos with them and the other way around.

Flexibility is always a plus

Another neat feature that comes with the app represents the fact that it allows you to switch between LINE Lite and LINE as you please, provided that you register your email address and you log in with your existing LINE account.

Helpful features

You can add friends quite quickly on this app since you have to enter their ID. In addition to this, the app automatically adds whoever you have saved in your phone’s contact list as friends. Moving on, besides free messages and photo sharing, you will also benefit from free video and voice calls.

You can perform free calls by choosing a particular friend with whom you want to get in touch, or if you would like an alternative, you can tap the ‘+’ button which can be found at the bottom right of the main screen and you will get a chance to get a hold of who you want.

LINE Lite 2.4.0 just added support for video and group voice calls, and you can even watch live videos in chats now.

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