PlayStation 5 Dualshock 5 Controller Might Have Leaked

Not much is known about PlayStation 5 up till now, and that’s no surprise since the upcoming Sony video games console is not yet officially announced. Sony itself avoids calling it PlayStation 5, which proves that they either want to keep the name secret or that they are planning to rebrand it. In any case, the community is looking for new details. Now, it seems that we got a new hint to the upcoming PlayStation 5, more specifically on how the controller of the next Sony’s console might look.

Several people have posted online some pics they retrieved from “Astro Bot: Rescue Mission,” a game available in the PlayStation VR library. There is a moment in the game when the player’s Dualshock 4 controller undergoes a very strange transformation. The controller turns into a kind of a virtual controller, but what is striking is the design of the controller itself, as it would possess some of the features expected in the Dualshock 5 model.

PlayStation 5 speculations grow day-by-day

On the forums, users keep posting comments that analyze in depth some of the features that this virtual design shows.

“It has holes in the grips that resemble the old third-party controllers with built-in cooling,” one gamer said. Additionally, some even dare to go further.

“The design reveals that the R1 and L1 buttons have been modified and, if you turn the controller, you will see two buttons where the middle fingers rest, which would make it possible for you to press both R1/R2 and L1/L2 without your hand in the position of the classic grip,” another PlayStation fan explained.

All this buzz that emerged online might be igniting people for nothing since we have no reason to believe that Sony teased on its Dualshock 5 for the future PlayStation 5 in a game. However, many people think that this is a “hidden” hint Sony added on purpose.

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