GTA V hackers got lawsuits from Epic Games

Most of the game developers are taking very seriously the hackers, trying to stop their online activities using many technical and management methods. These weeks some developers went further with their action of stopping the online cheating by dragging them into the courts.

As we all might agree, playing with an online cheater is not a good experience, so the Rockstar and Take-Two companies went to an Australian court to serve justice in the game industry. They succeed in blocking five accounts that were suspected of getting into the software of Grand Theft Auto V.

Christopher Anderson, Cycus Lesser, Sfinktah, Koroush Anderson, and Koroush Jeddian had their computers and houses checked by the police for any evidences. This group was going by the name of Infamous. The Infamous were able to use unauthorized the software and take full control of the Grand Theft Auto V game.

They could control teleportation, flying and the most worrying, they could generate virtual currency.

But this was not the first time when Take-Two used the law against GTA hackers. The company managed to shut down popular hacking tools for GTA and a mod tool OpenIV.

This fight against online cheaters is not only in the game area. The Fortnite, developer of Epic Games wants to stop some Youtube channels that posts videos of how to hack softwares.

For example a big Youtube personality with more than 1.7 million subscribers, Brandon Lucas revealed in his videos hacks and secret features for Fortnite. He got accused for copyright and for breaking the terms and conditions of the game’s EULA Epic.But the lawsuit does not stop here as Lucas is now using his videos to promote hacks that can be directly purchased from his website.

“Nobody likes a cheater. And nobody likes playing with cheaters.”

The Fornite Company has tried to do anything to get rid of Lucas in many ways, from banning him to filing DMCA complains.

Lucas responded that he does not find it fair that many other Youtube channels that leak information and give hacks about the game did not get the same attention from Fortnite as he did.

“I’m almost kind of feeling I’m being discriminated against by Epic Games,” Lucas said. “You know, I’m just a kid that’s making YouTube videos, and a lot of people were enjoying this.”

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