PUBG Mobile For Android Reached 100 Million Downloads on Google Play Store

While PUBG is losing ground to a Fortnite which is retaining an impressive market share, the PUBG Mobile version for Android and iOS is still a very popular title. Tencent Games, which is very loyal to the PUBG community, especially to the original title for PC, is regularly rolling out qualitative updates expanding the in-game content. Now PUBG Mobile for Android reached 100 million downloads.

PUBG Mobile For Android Reached 100 Million Downloads on Google Play Store

PUBG Mobile application is accessible on iOS, as well as on Android. But now, more specifically, we’ll focus on the game’s version for Android since it has just accumulated no less than 100 million downloads, as indicated in the official product page on Google Play Store.

An impressive score, especially since PUBG Mobile has been released on the Google Play Store at the beginning of the year only. Also, that figure is not totaling the game’s installation outside the Google Play Store platform which would add several more millions of downloads.

The Battle Between PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Is Now Fiercer Than Even

We can imagine that the score will tend to increase by next January, at least if Fortnite, whose recent arrival on Android does not turn everything upside down too violently.

The war between PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, two of the greatest Battle Royale titles ever, is now open on iOS and Android smartphones.

Also, recently, as we’ve already revealed to you earlier, PUBG Mobile reached its 0.9.0 Beta version which comes with new content, improved performance and stability, as well as some bug fixes. However, it’s only a Beta, so some of the in-game features are under testing, and the gameplay might suffer.

In short, PUBG Mobile for Android reached more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, but without adding the download outside the official Android app store.

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