Electronic Arts Added Six New Games To Origin Access

In case you like management, strategy or puzzle games, the new six titles that have just been added to the Origin Access catalog will please you for sure.

I guess you’ve already heard about the Origin Access feature which is the unlimited, subscription-based game service designed by Electronic Arts for PC. For some time now, Electronic Arts has not only been offering titles from its catalog but is also adding titles from different publishers to the list.

This month, no less than six games have been added, and they are once again very varied. Whether you’re a fan of strategy, management, or puzzle games, you’ll undoubtedly get something nice for your money.

Electronic Arts added six more games to Origin Access

As I’ve mentioned already, Origin Access just received six new titles of different genres. Let’s see more about these games:

  • Tropico 5 – Found a dynasty whose reign extends from the oldest of civilizations to a modern metropolis beyond the 21st century;
  • Project Highrise – Build art and engineering and form a skyscraper line on the horizon;
  • Tharsis – Challenge the odds with humanity’s first mission to Mars in this turn-based strategy game;
  • Opus Magnum – Use all the tools of your laboratory to combine elements and assemble machines to achieve the ultimate goal of alchemy;
  • Sudden Strike 4 – Lead your armies and guide them through the battlefields of the Second World War;
  • Deponia – One man’s garbage is another man’s home. Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to protect your wasteful world;

EA’s Origin Access is a subscription-based games¬†service

Keep in mind, the monthly subscription price for Origin Access Basic is $3.99. However, if you also want to take advantage of the latest EA releases as soon as they are launched, plus many other features, then Origin Access Premier is ideal. It will cost you $14.99 per month.

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