Google Play Services 14.5.68 Beta Enhances App Experience

The 14.5.68 beta represents the latest version of Google Play services, which is what Google uses to update apps found inside the Google Play Store.

These services are an intricate component able of providing core functionality, like your contacts becoming synced, authenticating your personal Google services, granting access to user privacy settings and high-quality services based on location.

The purpose of Google Play services 14.5.68 beta

Through using this APK, an app developer will benefit from certain advantages for the app that they are working on developing.

We are talking about the features backed up by Google’s power found in apps like Google Maps, Google+ and others. Google Play Store also provides automatic updates distributed as APKs.

If you are a developer, then your users will get their updates faster, and you will integrate the latest Google features more comfortable inside your app. Be sure to install the most recent Google Play services client library to get the latest features or products.

A worthy APK

This app will run in the background of your Android OS, and it comes with individual Google services packed inside. Google Play services will improve app experience by speeding up offline searches, games will work better, and your apps will get the chance of becoming more immersive.

You can use the latest APIs for the Google services you think are popular without concerning yourself with device support. The Google Play Store distributes updates for Google Play services automatically, and the Android SDK Manager will deliver you the latest client library versions.
Those developers that place their app users’ experience on the first place would be the ones that will benefit the most from using Google Play services 14.5.68 beta, and if you consider yourself such a developer, then you know what to do.

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