New Milestone Hit By MX Player As It Reached 500 Million Users

It doesn’t happen very often that a video player app gets 500 million users. That is precisely why MX Player’s achievement is worth celebrating. This video player app has been enjoyed by its users ever since it came out and today, their trust in it allowed it to grow into an app that is continuously evolving regarding users, features and offers.

It doesn’t stop here

Although MX Player has gone a long way, its developing team doesn’t give signs of even thinking about quitting. They wish to remain true and keep their promise of providing users with the best possible video player service. For assuring their customer’s satisfaction, they did and continue to look forward to more room of improvement.

Why is MX Player so good?

There are a lot of video playing apps out there, but MX Player stands out as one with a range of features that sets it apart from other newbie apps and they also strengthen the trust of its users.

The first thing worth noting is that MX Player can play videos of various qualities and types, such as MP4, MKV or AVI, among others. Then, the player’s developers think far from sacrificing quality to ensure a beautiful viewing experience.

Last but not least, MX Player comes with powerful performance, subtitle support and hardware acceleration, guaranteeing no troubles when trying to watch your favorite content.

Some distinct features

This video player app was the first to offer multi-core decoding, meaning that its performance gets 60% better if you are using a dual-core device instead of a single-core one.

Then, it comes with helpful and intuitive gesture controls so that you can customize your viewing experience fit for your preference and it has a subtitle gesture feature that makes even subtitles customizable.

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