Warriors of Waterdeep 0.7.15 Beta Brings New Features And Bug Fixes

Download this popular game and enter a world filled with fantasy and epic monster battles. You will enjoy the experience, and the only thing you need to be careful of is to try not to get addicted.

The story

Waterdeep is the greatest city of the Sword Coast, and it is facing threats from powerful foes coming from all sides. That’s when Laeral Silverhand chose to summon heroes from all over the world to fight for Waterdeep in its deadliest locations so that the enemy will be kept away from reaching the city gates.

Here’s what you’ll have to do

You will start in the famous Yawning Portal Inn, where you will choose what heroes suit your style and lead your characters in fighting monsters, collecting treasures as it makes its way through the Forgotten Realms while reaching new heights.

Features worth mentioning

First, let’s talk about choosing. You will have to make a team of heroes from either established or new characters, such as Saarvin the dragonborn ranger, Shevarith the human wizard or Farideh the tiefling warlock.
The battles consist of facing restless undead, fierce hobgoblins, rampaging giants and you can even come across a devastating red dragon. Face all these fearsome monsters originating from the Forgotten Realms in the popular style of tactical, turn-based combat.
As you make your way through the game, you will collect powerful weapons and upgrade them, as well as equipment, and together they will generate powerful effects and powerful combos on the field of battle.

Mix things to keep the game fresh

You will have a myriad of locations to fight that are equally deadly, such as the Harvestshield Mountain or the Frostsilver Mines. Don’t forget to choose carefully in which room you enter and keep your eyes peeled for secret doors. All this sounds good, right? So, go ahead and try it on your own, as Warriors of Waterdeep 0.7.15 Beta is fresh from the oven.

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