How To Fix The Google Play Store “Device Not Compatible” Error Message

Some users reported an error message saying ‘device not compatible’ when they opened Google Play Store and tried to upgrade or install GetUpside. This happened even though their device was supposed to work with GetUpside.

Investigating to figure out the problem

Numerous investigations were performed to come down to the bottom of the app compatibility issue. What was found is pretty surprising.

It seems that not only GetUpside had this problem, but other apps, like Instagram (with over 1 billion installs) and Clash of Clans (over 1 million installs) encountered it as well.

This led to the conclusion that the problem was caused by Google’s very own Android operating system.

How to fix this problem

The error saying that ‘your device is not compatible with this version’ can be solved by clearing the cache from Google Play Store, and then the data as well.

Step two consists of restarting the Play Store and trying to reinstall the application. We included the picture in this article so that you will have some guidance.

First, pull down your device’s notification bar. Then, hit the settings icon (the one shaped like a gear) or open the application tray and find ‘settings’ there. When you open settings, go to Apps or App Manager and scroll down to find the Google Play Store app.

Once you find it, select it and tap Clear Data or Cache (as shown in the picture). Doing this should erase everything. Also, this process will get rid of the corrupt files which may have been the cause of this error message popping up.

According to Supercell, the maker of Clash of Clans, and Instagram, they heard from many of their users that doing this solved the issue.

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