Apple 2018 iPad Pro/ Pro 3 – Will Apple Use USB-C Connector instead of Lightning?

The iPad Pro revamp is a highly expected event this fall. Apple is seemingly going to get rid of the Lightning connector in favor of the faster USB-C port, which is also more robust.

Let’s start with the rumors

MacRumors, a Japanese blog site, gathered some intel from accessory manufacturers present at the Golden Sources Mobile Electronics conference in Hong Kong. Each of those who attended the event hinted at the switch to the USB-C connector for the refurbished iPad Pro 3.

Actually, it isn’t the first time we heard about this. Apple looked to get rid of Lightning for quite some time in its efforts of bridging the gap between tablet and computer.


Ming-Chi Kuo, a popular and reliable tech analyst, released a note back in September which predicted that the 2018 iPad Pro would switch to USB-C for better charging speeds, faster data transfer, and the ability to connect the device to a 4K monitor.

Mac Otakara, of MacRumors, released a photo with the device’s dimensions and it is the same one shown on Slashleaks last week. The picture shows that the larger model will be 11 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide. On the other hand, the smaller device will have 7 inches of width and 9.7 inches of height.


When it comes to specifications, both of the iPad Pro 3 models will come with 6mm-thin bezels, one of them possibly coming as thin as 5.9 millimeters. FaceID will be featured through the TrueDepth camera system without the need for the Touch ID Home button, giving more room for a full-face display.

If all this is true, then it will be the first time since replacing the 30-pin connector with Lightning that the iPad will change its connectivity. We highly expect the event on the 30th for more info.

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