Black Friday 2018: Apple, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft Discounts

This year’s Black Friday is said to break sales records, but what are the best discounts we can get from Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft? Looking at last year’s trends and offers, we should expect some great discounts.

According to Gordon Kelly, a journalist at Forbes, and, this year’s Black Friday will come with a lot of discounts for anyone interested in smartphones or gaming platforms.

So what should you not miss this year on Black Friday? Let’s check out what Best Buy, eBay, Apple, Walmart/Target and many other retailers would have to offer.

Black Friday 2018 iPhones

Retailers will come with great deals for iPhone this year.

You could save $200 on the Apple iPhone XR if you get it with Qualified Activation, or get a $300 Gift Card from Walmart/Target for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR if you activate a new installment plan.

You can find iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max at 5-6% off on eBay if you buy an unlocked version with no installment plan.

Black Friday 2018 Samsung Galaxy

If you’re a Samsung fan, then you know that on Black Friday the Galaxy phones come with a bigger discount than iPhones.

At Best Buy you get the same $300 discount if you get a qualified activation with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+. Target offers for the same deal a $300 Gift card, while Walmart offers a $350 Walmart Gift Card for the same deal when you activate a new installment plan.

From Samsung, you can save up to $300 on a Galaxy Note 9 64GB or a Galaxy S9+ 64GB if you trade-in an eligible smartphone at

Black Friday 2018 Xbox One X

Microsoft’s Xbox One X will come with bundles from Best Buy, Target and Walmart, which save you $100. For instance, at Best Buy, you’ll see Microsoft Xbox One X bundles for $399.99, and at the same price, Target adds a $25 Target Gift Card, while Walmart adds a $30 Walmart Gift Card.

Black Friday 2018 PS4 Pro Deals

The PS4 Pro will get a lot of attention from retailers who also add some gift cards:

Kohl’s offers a Sony PS4 Pro Bundle with $75 (Kohl’s Cash) for $274.99, which means you save $125, while Target and Walmart will save you $125 on different offers: Sony PS4 Pro Bundle and a $25 Gift Card (- $274.99, at Target), and Sony PS4 Pro Bundle – $274.99 (at Walmart).

What is most important is that these retailers and many others will add last minute deals, so watch out for new updates! We will also come with further updates on new deals and game offers in the weeks to come.

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