Pokemon Go Brings Shiny Beldum For The “Community Day”

For the Community Day, Pokemon Go adds the coolest Shiny Pokemon ever, Beldum. As many fans expected already, the Shiny Beldum is now officially in Pokemon Go, but it doesn’t come alone. Niantic also added Shiny versions for Beldum’s evolutions Metang and Metagross, to celebrate the Community Day event of today.

About Shiny Pokemon characters and Shiny Beldum

A Shiny Pokemon monster is an alternate-colored variant of a regular Pokemon. Usually, Shiny Pokemon characters are scarce and often come into Pokemon Go during Community Day events.

As for the Shiny Beldum, this one comes with a chrome body that replaces its normal dark bluish-grey skin. Also, Shiny Metang and Metagross come with similar color schemes only that they also present some gold highlights.

When capturing a Shiny Pokemon, the catch screen shows a sparkle animation, distinguishable from the regular animation that occurs when you grab a regular Pokemon monster. Besides, in Pokemon Go, catching a Shiny Pokemon is almost impossible. However, Niantic increases the catch rates of specific Pokemon during Community Day events.

Today was the turn of Shiny Beldum to get in Pokemon Go.

Today’s Pokemon Go Community Day was not free of any issues

According to some reports, the majority of Pokemon Go players across Asia experienced some “outages” during the Pokemon Go Community Day event. However, Niantic solved those problems out by rescheduling the Community Day start for the Asia/Australia/Oceania regions.

“Attention, Trainers. We apologize for gameplay issues impacting Community Day in the Asian-Pacific region. We will be holding an additional Beldum Community Day for Asia-Pacific Trainers to make up for the inconvenience. Please stay tuned as we will announce the new date soon,” Niantic said on Twitter.

Luckily, the “outages” did not affect the players across Europe, Africa, North and South America. Also, for North America, the Pokemon Go Community Day event will take place between 2 PM and 5 PM ET.

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