Netflix is Blocking Avast and VPN Solutions

Most internet users should be familiar with the Avast antivirus. They offer a suite of security problems, and they are well-known for the rich offer of free and paid security solutions.

It is highly possible that you are using Avast right now, as the free version is quite popular, and it is also very likely that you are using Netflix. You may have recently noticed that l there is something wrong between Avast and Netflix and you are right.

You tried to play your favorite series but nothing happened. The first thing you did was to check your computer but everything seems to be fine. The culprit, sadly, is Avast itself.

You may think that Avast is blocking Netflix for some reason, but against all odds, Netflix is actually blocking Avast.   This is not something new as it happened before, as Avast users have previously experienced problems while trying to use the well-known streaming service. The problem is caused by the VPN function integrated into Avast.

Why does it happen?  Because Netflix has enforced a strict policy that bans the use of VPNs on their website, and when a VPN is detected the site won’t load the selected content.

If you want to keep using both Netflix and Avast, you can disable your Web Shield. This will stop the VPN function and Netflix will work like it used to.

An antivirus suite without a VPN function is also a viable solution, since it won’t interfere with Netflix but I will keep your system secure against malicious websites.

Since Netflix insists that no VPN are allowed, do not buy or use a third-party VPN unless you have positive proof that it will work, since you may spend your money for no tangible benefit.

Trying to trick Netflix is not advised, as the service is constantly on the hunt against new VPNs and what works today may not work tomorrow.

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