Chromecast Cast Web Video to TV QuickCast Player Comes With Crash Fixes

QuickCast Player can be used for Chromecast, Cast to TV or other such receiver protocol, like Fire TV, KODI, smartTV, Amazon Fire Stick as well as other DLNA Devices.

What does it do?

Use your phone for casting (or sending) photos, music, or web videos from your phone memory or SD card to TV. Quick Cast will help you to cast music, videos and pictures with just a tap, connecting to your TV, as streaming becomes effortless in an admirable way.

Features of QuickCast Player

This app is able to detect streaming and cast devices and cast videos from the web automatically. It comes with a dominant ad blocker and detector incorporated. Use bookmarks to save your favorite videos or sites.

Your playback history can be browsed and deleted, once you are done with it. QuickCast Player also supports multiple video search engines. It is able of casting local videos, photo slideshows, and audio.

Take control over your TV through your phone as Quick Cast will allow you to pause, forward/backward, increase or decrease the volume and so on.

What kind of streaming devices does it support?

Quick Cast Player works ideally with Chromecast 1 or 2, even in Ultra HD 4K conditions. Google Cast receivers will be a perfect fit just as well as Android TV that comes with built-in Chromecast.

Moving on, AirPlay devices, such as Apple TV or Mac TV, will be supported by Quick Cast as well. DLNA receivers are good to go and so are Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you have the Android TV box with Airplay or DLNA included, then that’s all you need.

Even if you have smart TVs, like Samsung, LG WebOS, Sony or Panasonic, they will all be supported by this helpful app.

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