Clash of Clans October Update 2018 – Patch Notes

As we have mentioned in a recent article, Clash of Clans is getting ready to begin maintenance for the incoming update, so expect Clash of Clans – Clan War Leagues to go live today. Until then, let’s check out some of the patch notes of the update. We’ve talked about Clan War Leagues already, so you might wonder what else is there to know about the incoming update.

According to the blog posts on the official website, there will be some major additions and balancing regarding training costs, and gem donations – Clan games have also received new tasks.

Magic Hammers

There won’t be just one type of Magic Hammers. There will be four types: Hammer of Heroes, Hammer of Building, Hammer of Spells, and Hammer of Troops, each starting and finishing an upgrade – even resources and upgrade timer.

Clock Tower Potion

Craft the Clock Tower Potion from ground-up magic cogs to activate the Builder Base Clock Tower for 30 minutes!

New Defense: Tornado Trap

Use this new defense to release a vortex and draw the enemy troops within its range, slowing their progress. It will be available starting at Town Hall 11.

The Goblin Uprising Begins!

This mode will come with Resource rewards if you beat the new Villages (Dark
Elixir, 17.4 million Gold, 17.4 million Elixir, 166,500 Dark Elixir – if you beat all the 25 Goblin Villages).

You will also get new achievements after you earn Stars and complete the final Goblin level.

General Balancing

The following units have seen a reduction in training: Wall Breakers, Golems, Baby Dragons, Witches, and Bowlers.

Gem donations have been reduced for all units, except for the Giant, which has an increased gem donation from 2 to 3.

Siege machines have seen a few changes too in the training times and costs – they have flat times and cost for all levels (20 minutes and 100.000 gold).

Witches, Air Defense, Eagle Artillery, X-Bow, Air Bombs, and Bombs have seen some changes in HP, DPS, Damage, Radius, detonation delay.

One more Inferno Tower added to TH12, and Resource Collectors have a new level to TH10.

You can upgrade up to 200 Wall Pieces too.

Clan games have received some new tasks: Building Breakdown, Building Boom Boom, Wall Whacker, Wall Wipe Out, Sudden Stars, and Speedy Stars

You can check the numbers and the in-depth patch notes also containing some quality of life improvements at the official Clash of Clans blog post by clicking here.

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