War Commander: Rogue Assault 2.40.0 Offers 50% Off On Equipment

War Commander represents an immersive experience of combat inside a massive multiplayer online world. This game delivers stunning, fully 3D visuals that are pretty rare with mobile games.

Here’s what you have to do

You obtain the command over an army, and you have to strategize and launch strikes on your enemy to take control over various war zones.

The story

You are one of the few commanders who survived World War 3, and you have to defend your base, personalize your units and attack your foes to survive. This online military strategy game will turn you into the ultimate warrior who has to battle for controlling the entire world.


This is a 3D multiplayer game that packs an immersive experience into military strategy. You can take on the world by yourself or play against another player. You control each unit individually, in real time.

You will get access to heavy gunners, riflemen, and rhino tanks in no time. More powerful units and military status will be accessed by leveling up.

Build your empire

Lead your army to victory after you finish building your base. There are always newer defense systems which you can discover. Research state of the art weapons and obliterate those that chose to stand in your way.


You have to really think the battles through. Coordinate devastating attacks by blending foot soldiers, tanks, aircraft, and light vehicles. This realistic military game will give you a taste of how it feels to attack an enemy base.

Defend your home

Customize your defense systems to keep the enemy at bay and keep the control over the last resources in the world. You can also play on the offensive by using your army to attack and take what is rightfully yours.

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