Google Maps – New ‘Follow’ Feature takes on Facebook Pages for Tracking Businesses

Google started rolling out features that will allow Maps to become more than just an app that helps people find places and navigate through them.

Recent progress

The past months had Google Maps receiving additions like music controls, group trip planning, ETA sharing, commuter tools, personalized recommendations and so on.

What happens now?

Just recently, Google Maps introduced a new way for you to follow your favorite businesses, such as stores, restaurants, or bars. This update will let you know when something is going on at your favorite pub.

Facebook, is that you?

It pretty much sounds like some Facebook-Google Maps fusion, right? Well, you aren’t wrong to feel this way. This comes straight from Google: after you choose to ‘follow’ a business, you will begin to find out the news related to that place, such as offers, upcoming events and so on. This will be accessible in the ‘For You’ tab found in Google Maps.

A Facebook Pages competitor

Foot traffic encouraged through events, photo-filled posts and deals? It really sounds like Facebook Pages found itself a competitor aiming for the brick-and-mortar public.

Businesses can thrive

If you own a business, then you can use Google Maps’ platform to increase your potential of reaching new clients even before you officially open up shop, according to Google.

Google My Business

This feature allows you to build a Business Profile that will incorporate your opening date. Then, more and more users will see your business pop up in their searches on their devices, even three months before the opening night.


The ‘Follow’ feature will reach over 150 million places that are already on Google Maps, as well as millions of worldwide users who look them up. Over the next few weeks, you should see it pop up on your Android device.

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