Overwatch 1.30 Patch Brings Buffs For Reaper, Symmetra, Mercy, and Roadhog

Overwatch is a title in which changes are continually taking place at different levels. That implies that users must adapt their style of play to what predominates in the different seasons of which the video game is composed. Logically, most of these changes fall on the various heroes that can be found in the game. As recently confirmed by Blizzard, Overwatch 1.30 adds buffs for Reaper, Symmetra, Mercy, and Roadhog.

Jeff Kaplan reports that especially the last two of the list, Mercy and Roadhog, will host the most significant changes we can see. On the one hand, Jeff Kaplan points out that the devs will focus their work on Mercy’s ultimate skill, Valkiria. He assures that the game will introduce a modification that the developers believe will be very well received by the players, something essential considering the long history of changes the character in question had suffered over the time.

On the other hand, there is Roadhog, which will present changes at his hook and shotgun. Apparently, Blizzard’s primary objectives are to ensure that the hook shows a more positive behavior for the user and that the shotgun has now greater consistency in its shots.

Overwatch v1.30 patch to host buffs for Reaper, Symmetra, Mercy, and Roadhog

For now, it is not known if all these planned changes will reach the public version of Overwatch.

Before ending, keep in mind that these are not the only novelties that come in Overwatch. Jeff Kaplan himself has also been in charge of confirming that for this year’s edition of BlizzCon we will not have the chance to get new maps for the Overwatch game, something that did happen in the previous versions. Despite that downside, the new buffs for Reaper, Symmetra, Mercy, and Roadhog would be cool enough for the title’s fans.

Overwatch can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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