Street Fighter IV Champion Edition 1.01.02 Comes With Bug Fixes

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition will welcome a new warrior to the ring. You will be able of taking control over 32 world warriors and check your strength against various people from all over the world.

The story

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition 1.01.02 will perfect the winning gameplay formula you currently have by providing you with the most exciting fighting game that is presently available for mobiles.

Street Fighter has a lot of longtime fans, and now they can jump into the action and relieve an instant familiarity with its controls. More casual players are welcomed too, as Street Fighter comes with numerous settings and tutorials to place you on the correct path to glory.


First of all, this game is downloadable entirely for free, and the complete version can be unlocked with just a small price. The free version includes three AI characters and one playable one.

You can choose from 32 available Street Fighter characters which include the Android exclusive and fan favorite, Dan.

The game offers intuitive virtual pad controls that will allow you to execute full move combinations. We are talking about Unique Attacks, Focus Attacks, Super and Ultra Combos, and, of course,

Special Moves.

A Bluetooth controller will enable you to take the game to an entirely newer level. You should know that the game’s menus don’t support controllers, but they work wonderfully in single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

Connecting to Wi-Fi will allow you to meet players from all over the world and battle with them head to head.

Naturally, you will be able to play the single player “arcade” mode to bring on the full version of nostalgia, but the multiplayer gameplay is also available.

Touching the “SP” button will unleash super moves which you can perform on enemies that come with four levels of difficulty.

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