DJI Mavic 2 – New Modified Release Aimed At Enterprises

During an event that took place earlier today in Texas, DJI announced that they will release a modified version of its popular Mavic 2 drone aimed solely at businesses – ranging from education to government.

Similarities and changes

The new foldable drone will come with the same base as the commercial one that was released only a few months back. However, you will find some new updates as well incorporated into the device, aiming specifically at enterprise customers.


Among the updates, some stand out. The most interesting one seems to be the new modular mount for adding-on a handful of fresh accessories that can be controlled through the use of the DJI app. The group incorporates a dual spotlight for flying the drone at night, a speaker for relaying information and a beacon with a flashing strobe making the device visible in emergency conditions.


The DJI Mavic 2 will come with 24 GB of storage. This capacity will be found directly on board of the device and it will be protected by a password as well. All the images which you will capture with the drone will obtain labels that will contain a GPS timestamp. This timestamp will feature the location, time and date the shots were taken.

The cold won’t stop it

By adding a battery capable of heating itself up into its latest product, DJI made it possible to fly the new version of the Mavic 2 even in temperatures as low as 14 degrees. The version of the drone meant for enterprises will cost approximately $2000. With this price you will receive the Mavic 2 drone, its battery, the remote, the accessories which could be mounted on its top and a case.

The orders for the new Mavic 2 drone started today.

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