No Man’s Sky – Submarines And Sea Monsters Brought Along By Underwater Update

No Man’s Sky’s latest major update focuses on the life from the abyss. Hello Games, the developer, detailed “The Abyss”, the exploration game’s newest expansion that is expected to arrive today on all platforms.

The Abyss

This update seems to increase the lack expectancy that this game has for its players. No Man’s Sky comes with already vast aliens oceans, but they are sometimes void of life. Another important aspect is that the game will also grow in its horror elements.


One of the biggest turn arounds of the game is the sheer quantity of variety that will arrive in the aquatic biomes. Hello said that “Underwater creatures have become more frequent, and more interesting. Aquatic life inhabits the full depth of the ocean, and unique terrifying creatures can be encountered on the ocean floor.”


New sunken wrecks will be yours to discover and Nautilon, a submarine, will be built by you for exploring the abyss safely. The developer will also add more options for building bases underwater, which includes a variety of glass corridors which will enable you an uninterrupted view of the ocean floor.

New Storyline

Another addition from Hello Games is the new storyline called ‘The Dreams of the Deep’ which will bring by a new context of the depths and a dark story to No Man’s Sky. It is no surprise that this release happens so close to Halloween since among the new additions include numerous horrifying sea monsters, even a massive angler fish and a giant yellow eye that inhabit the seafloor.


Although it was released back in 2016, No Man’s Sky is still popular now, mainly because of its massive ‘Next’ expansion. It added an increased variety to the worlds which led to much more to explore.

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