Crazy Taxi Classic 3.1 Brings a Console Classic Back To Life

Hey, don’t you miss the magic of old games? Come here and get nostalgic while you are having fun with Crazy Taxi, the ground-breaking driving game from Sega that takes place in an open world. ‘Here. We. Go!’ will be finally heard again as you play for free and win crazy money.


You will have to hurdle off parking garages, barrel through streets packed with traffic, and perform crazy combinations on your way to crazy money in an overall wild frantic race in which you have to scare up the most fares. Crazy Taxi translates into time is money, and you should only play it if you manage to tap into your craziness and become victorious.


Crazy Taxi is yet another title that joins the SEGA Forever Classic Games Collection which is really a treasure trove of free SEGA console classics brought back to life on mobile for the first time.


The game has been remastered for mobile devices after the hugely popular Dreamcast classic reintroduced itself successfully. While you play you will listen to original music coming from Bad Religion or The Offspring.

Crazy Taxi comes with two modes: Original and Arcade and you can choose the type of gameplay you want: 3, 5 or 10 minutes. Once you are done, you can continue the madness with the 16 mini games found inside the Crazy Box.

SEGA Forever

This platform will allow you to play for free some legendary games as you compete with the world for high scores on Leaderboards. It comes with released games every month and you can download them all. Also, it is compatible with HID controllers.


The original arcade game was available in both seated and standing cabinet forms. The announcer Bryan Burton-Lewis also voices Axel and a range of customers throughout the series.

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