Facebook Lite beta Improves Speed and Reliability

Use Facebook Lite to remain in contact easier with your family and friends. This friends app allows you to keep up with your social network faster than ever.


Facebook Lite is a lightweight app, which will really save space on your phone’s storage capacity and it will let you use Facebook even in 2G conditions.

Classic features

On Lite you will find available a lot of the classic Facebook features that you have gotten accustomed to. We are talking about becoming part of a group, sharing to a Timeline, editing your profile, liking photos, leaving comments, or searching for people.

Specific features

You will connect with your family and friends easier and faster than ever. When you have something to say you can post status updates. If you are so inclined, use Facebook emojis to help you relay exactly what’s going through your mind.

You can share your favorite memes and photos with everyone in your social network. You won’t have any troubles anymore in regards to finding local social events, since Facebook shows you what’s going on around you and you can even RSVP. Make plans to meet up with your friends and interact with them by adding your own share of reactions and comments to what they choose to post.

When you encounter a photo that you particularly like you can save it to your photo albums. You can follow interesting people or pages to stay tuned to their latest news. When you wish to go to a new place that just opened up, search for it on Facebook and see what other people said about it, how it looks like and when it is open.

Last but not least, Facebook Marketplace is the place to go if you wish to sell or buy something locally.

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